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Forms & Documents - Public
HOG Ride Captian Plan & Checklist: HOG Ride Captian Plan & Checklist (372.4 Kb)
Proxy Voting Form: The standard proxy voting form. (14.6 Kb)
Complimentary SunHOG Membership: When you purchase a Harley-Davidson motorcycle from our sponsoring dealer you are offered a membership fee-waiver to join our chapter. Please see the attached document for further details. (159.3 Kb)
HOG SC Supplementary Information: (59.2 Kb)
HOG ABCs of Touring Form - 2019: H.O.G.: H.O.G. ABCs of Touring - 2019 (260.7 Kb)
HOG Mileage Program for 2019: H.O.G.: (139.1 Kb)
HOG SC Information Kit: Sunshine Coast H.O.G. Information Kit (669.9 Kb)
HOG SC Event Release Form: (667.1 Kb)
HOG SC Chapter Membership Enrolment: (128.6 Kb)
Latest Newsletter
February 2021 Newsletter: (4,514.4 Kb)