Welcome to the Sunshine Coast Chapter Australia Harley Owner's Group

If you are reading this then obviously you want to know who we are and what we are all about. Well let me try to explain.

The Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.®) was created in America in 1983 as a way to build longer-lasting and stronger relationships with Harley-Davidson's customers and fellow riders. They did this by making ties between the company, its employees, and the consumers. H.O.G. members tend to be more involved with Harley-Davidson and tend to get involved more in the lifestyle rather than anything else. They do this by banding together in Chapters throughout the world. To these Chapters there is only one rule: You must own a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle. If you are or have a partner, friend, relative, etc., of someone who has a Harley-Davidson motorcycle you can still become a member. You can do this by being associated with someone who owns and rides a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Right now there are over 1 million H.O.G. members worldwide.

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About Us

The Sunshine Coast Chapter strives to uphold the values of H.O.G. International and abides by the H.O.G. Charter with some local adaptations. The Sunshine Coast Chapter commenced in October 2003 and has towards 200 members. The Sunshine Coast Chapter is an incorporated association and is proudly sponsored by Sunshine Coast Harley-Davidson of Kunda Park.

Monthly and Other Activities

Our Chapter meets on the Wednesday before the third Sunday of the month. We then ride as a Chapter on the third Sunday. In between we attend other rides, functions, morning teas and a variety of charity events. Our Chapter rides often end up at local schools, CWA halls and other locations to help support them in their activities but to also promote our support to the communities we live in.

We often take part in the local Maroochydore Bunnings Sausage Sizzles and we run free sausage sizzles at the local Harley-Davidson dealership on the last Saturday of the month starting at 10:00 am. Come by and say hello or dive into our website and see more.

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